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Why your still making less than £25,000 a year

Over the years I’ve had a good number of people ask me about how they can earn more money. Is there one special secret, is it a case of working 24 hours a day and working every weekend. I don’t think so. This advice works for every single person I tell it to. Whether you’re… Continue reading Why your still making less than £25,000 a year

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What is design?

Design is such a multi-layered practice that it’s often difficult to define. That being said, I believe that the word “design” is increasingly confused with “style”. For example, to most “I like the way it’s designed” means that they like the way that something looks. To me this all relates back to when I was… Continue reading What is design?

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Commitment & Consistency

As humans, we have an insatiable desire for consistency in our behaviour. It's why we hate hypocrisy and embrace leaders, politicians and beliefs that "stick to their guns," sometimes to the point of foolishness. This consistency can be observed through the effectiveness of political tactics like push polling, wherein a paid "surveyor" will call numbers and… Continue reading Commitment & Consistency

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Creative Jam Session?

Being open about what your original ideas are and how exactly you’d like to see them manifested in the world is important to a designer. It should be noted as well that the raw creative act of making something out of nothing is captivating to all. With this in mind, how about carving out an… Continue reading Creative Jam Session?