My perfect client

When selecting clients, I’m super specific. This means if Im working with you, then I’m going to deliver great value to you, and massivly increase your conversion rates!

Its obviously not just for me, I want to have a client really wanting to progress and expand their business. As me and my team are all about great, high converting design for sites you do need to tick a few boxes though. (Sorry but its worth it)

So if you fit the following, please drop me a line!

1. Running an Ecommerce website

When a website is transaction based its much easier for me to prove my work as the results will be instant!

2. 20k in visits per month in website traffic

We’ll be running lots of tests on the website so we need at least 20k of traffic per month to ensure we’re seeing positive changes.

3. Be willing to share

We need to see all transactions on the website, we need to know whats selling and what isn’t, so please be open with me and my team, it ensures amazing results!

4. Know your conversion rate and have tracking set up

To ensure we’re getting great results, we need at least 6 months of previous data so we can monitor trends, so you need to already be tracking everything to a high level.

5. Be a nice person!

I want to work with people who are nice, take on my advise and people I’d feel comfortable going for a beer with, its important we have an enjoyable working relationship to ensure we’re getting the best out of each other.

6. Willing to experiment

We’ll be running different versions of your website to see which works best, we can’t be getting every single version signed off each time, it’ll slow everything down. So you need to trust in myself and my team to make the right calls in drastically increase your conversion rates.

Ok time to put your money where you mouth is!

If you think, “hell yea!” to all of the above then please fill in the below form.