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How do I sell more through my website?

Now this can’t be summed up in one simple blog post, or with one exact thing you can do. But, I shall do my best to give you something to quickly implement into your website to increase sales. Simple really, if we take it back to what sales is all about: Do you offer the… Continue reading How do I sell more through my website?

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Why you should be personalising your marketing

Every single company you will ever work with, will at some time need to use one to one marketing or customer service.Not many companies do this and its pure madness that more people don’t! Have something custom made to one client is a sure fire way to drive up your conversion rate, and better yet,… Continue reading Why you should be personalising your marketing

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You get what you pay for?

I've been on a few holidays in the past month or so and it’s really made me realise something. You get what you pay for! Holiday 1 One holiday with my girlfriend, we spent a fair amount of money for flights at decent times and a 5 star hotel and we went all inclusive. The… Continue reading You get what you pay for?

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Test Marketing – What brings in customers?

This blog post in itself is a bit of a test. I find when reading blog posts I just want the key details as quickly as possible. Just give me the gold nuggets with the digging basically. So why am I currently writing such long blog posts. I presume, rightly or wrongly that this is… Continue reading Test Marketing – What brings in customers?

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Commitment & Consistency

As humans, we have an insatiable desire for consistency in our behaviour. It's why we hate hypocrisy and embrace leaders, politicians and beliefs that "stick to their guns," sometimes to the point of foolishness. This consistency can be observed through the effectiveness of political tactics like push polling, wherein a paid "surveyor" will call numbers and… Continue reading Commitment & Consistency