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How do I sell more through my website?

Now this can’t be summed up in one simple blog post, or with one exact thing you can do. But, I shall do my best to give you something to quickly implement into your website to increase sales.

Simple really, if we take it back to what sales is all about:

  1. Do you offer the service they want? (that’s a hell yea!)
  2. Do they know who your are? (well If they are on your website, they that’s also a yes)
  3. Can they trust you to perform the service they need? (ok this is the one to focus on)

So whats the one word answer your quickly looking for…..?


  • How credible do you come across?
  • Do you have testimonials on show?
  • Or case studies on show?
  • If your selling products, are their reviews on the products as well as the service your providing?
  • Or even are you showcasing the well known clients your working with?

Im betting the answer to most of these is no….

Ok so let’s break down my favourite credibility builders (or website sales increase I mean!)



Ok below is a perfect example of a testimonial.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 22.50.29

Let me talk you through this perfect testimonial. First off its very positive and features tangible thing you’ve done for the client. There is a photo of the person, now this is great because human nature is we can’t always remember the name of someone, but we’re normally pretty good with faces. So there maybe a chance the user visiting your website knows this person and that can only be a good thing.

Ok next, full name, again they may of heard of someone before, especially if it’s a large organisation so always great to have their full name. Next the obvious one, the name of the company, a no brainer and most testimonials will put this in, we’re wanting to steal the credibility of this company, the likelihood is people will of heard of the company, even if it’s a small one.

The last one is my favourite and normally over looked for testimonials, and that’s the job title. Users want to know you’ve worked with their level of person. Take my business Strafe Creative, we are a design agency but we make sure our testimonials are from Marketing Managers as that’s who we want to work with. So showing the job titles gives the user the impression of the type of staff members you want to be dealing with, and there you have it the perfect testimonial.

To recap the perfect testimonial for credibility on your website

  • Positive, benefits driven testimonial (not too long)
  • Photo of the person
  • Full name of the person
  • Job title of the person
  • Name or logo of the company.

Ok a fave of mine, and a term I love to use is…..


Logo porn!

Logo porn is a term we use a lot in the Strafe office and its all about an area of your website where you have lots of logos of the clients you work with. Showcasing the high level clients you work with is a great way to quickly build credibility. It’s a bit like when you’re at a party and someone name drops a celeb they know (although you hate them for doing it) you can’t help but be impressed. Below is an ace example from Mr Neil Patel himself

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 22.53.18


Reviews of products

Seems like an obvious one but one your products have you got reviews of your products? My favourite software is but theres loads of other ones as well that are all easy to set up and can be automated to email clients when you have sold products. But why you ask…iI’m glad you did!

For simple sake, there are 2 products that are exactly the same on 2 websites, same cost, same everything. But one website has no reviews of the product and the other one has 50 reviews all positive and as well as positive reviews of the products they also mention the great service they go. Ok which one do you buy? Exactly!!

No get these added to your website and see your conversion rate sky rocket!!





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