Video – How sales force use conversion rate optimisation to improve sales

A transcript of the video is below guys 🙂

Hi guys, it’s Ross Davies from Strafe Creative here. Again, we are going to be looking at conversion rate optimisation. The entire idea of what we’re doing and with this series of videos is we’re looking at how the big boys, the big plays in the market are kind of designing their websites and we’re going to look out how we can adopt and take some of their ideas and improve and input them into our websites.

Today, what we are going to be looking at is up to hit Salesforce as it kind of says the world’s number one CRM. There are some slight arguments depending on that on some slight other ones. Essentially, it’s not overly important what they sell, it’s one more we’re looking at how they designed their website and what little kind of intricacies they’ve put on the site to influence what the uses, is going to do and that’s what we are going to be looking at today.

The first thing is, it says here, it has a big title. As soon as you landed on the page, we’re going to do a 5-second test so as soon as you landed on the page, they’re going to make a decision on is this site going to be able to do what I want them to do. They are straight away showing how what they do, what kind of the benefits but also that building a love and credibility by saying they kind of world’s number one so that building credibility instantly as soon as you land on that page.

They’ve also done some things on the menu, which work really nicely, which I made these for particular options here in bold and these ones are slightly smaller and not bold and the reason that they’ve done that is they want to use this the kind of click on to this so this a bit more adjusting.

I believe and potentially say that they’ve made this products page because they have so many products. That’s potentially more complex because from a customer’s journey point of view, they probably want to push people to want in the industry instead so that they quickly get on to that, something that works quite nicely.

The other thing they’ve done here, which works pretty well. Is that they put word solutions so pointing out what solutions do pointing out what the solutions do, so it’s more kind of benefits driven language and those types of things can work really well. It’s going to build credibility so you are not just standout, just selling the software, they’re trying to say, “You know, this is the solution” and that works really nicely.

I also quite like the fact that again because we believe this product said there’s a lot of different place that we can get and this looks to be messy but it come up really nice colour-coded way to just get people to what they needs so you really have the marketing they can click on this orange ones and if they are after sales, they can click on the blue one. Something really simple but it works really, really nicely. It even just showing a little snapshot of what they going to get in the background on this side panels is a nice way of building credibility and showcasing the product without having to force it down to someone’s neck so that’s really work well.

One of the things aspects in another videos is something called Call to Action. A Call to Action is essentially a button or something of the website, which we want to use it to do so we won’t force them to do it.

For this particular one, the main call to action is going to be a free trial and what they’ve done is that they’ve put on the top right corner and you’ll see that they put in there a more contrasting colour compared to everything else in the page. The reason you put on like a bright contrasting colour in so that they eyes are drawn to it so it’s purposely opaque kind of large brightly coloured than green to really stand out.

The other thing that they’ve done here. This is an important one because the amount of people that we do websites for that we get is this. They’ve not made the logo overpower or large, which is a habit of what most websites to go forth.

Your website, 99% of the time is on the top left corner or someone needs to know what you’re company is they can look there. No reason to make that bigger. If they made this logo very big, especially because it’s a big blue cloud and withdraw the eye too much, they really wanted to use it over here looking for free trial.

Some of the really nice things and subtle things they’ve done, you can see here that inferiors from customer’s point of view they probably want to go. They want people to view the demos, kind of free trial or look at the pricing.

What they subtly done is made they watch the demos slightly larger than the other ones so you’ll see the inferior. This one is the most important to them. Then you got the free trial then you got pricing which works quite nicely.

It might be a case that people that sign up just straight away from the free trial don’t stay out on as long, whereas people who look at the demo and then they get the free trial and more like sign up has potentially while they’ve done it, I’m not 100% sure but that could be an option.

As we scroll further down the page, what they’ve done really nicely here is they are trying to point out to everyone that their system fits for all sizes of businesses and this is something that in our office anyway, we kind of called logo porn. It’s putting loads of logos on that and you’re stealing the credibility from them.

You’re looking at “Oh, wow the fact that O2 were using and Unilever were using this and Jobsite is using this so this is really credible?” That’s great but it might put off small business so you know The Chapar is quite a famous one. The fact that small business is using that is also good. Those are really nice one as well. Again putting right next to it is a viewing the customer’s stories, right next to this is a really nice way of doing it.
Even their choice of language works really well. Instead of being like case studies or testimonials what you needed to sold to, they are trying to get it to customer’s stories or as a little bit more personal, which I think is a really nice touch.

Point of view and I don’t think most people necessarily read that but it does help to break of a text and this blow ups of colour are a nice way of making content more digestible without your hands of bit blocks of text on it.

As we scroll down, we’ve got the same colour coded things from up here. We’ve got the blue from sales and the purple from service and again you can see that colours are linked in so everything is colour coded, everything is easy to remember and you’ll associate with that.

These are going really nicely that you can show the way and see that drawing attention more reviewing the demo than learning more about it and that’s probably because seeing something in action, especially from a software point of view is a lot easier to do and this if you’re having to read a lot of information.

These are obviously there top ones. If you want to look at their other products, you can click there. I think that’s a really nice clean way especially because they sell so many different things. It’s a really clean and simple way of doing it and just you know having these one particular buttons highlighted is a really great way to push you to use and do that particularly thing instead.

CRM, especially that type of term or any kind of tech term they will be high in search engines and what they’ve done here is that they’ve kind of hidden the text which I think is a quite nice way of doing it.
If I hit more, there’s loads of texts and loads of links. They’ve got lots of internal links and that’s good for search engines optimization works really well or at the end of the day, most people don’t really need to read that. It’s not important from the customer’s journey is purely just set ready for key words and that’s why it’s kind of partially, hidden which I think is quite nice idea.

Even just little details like this. I wonder how many extra people will ring that number just because it’s free phone next to it. I’ll be ready to test around to see if you get more calls over a month period, if you just book free from next to it. There’s also piece of software you can use that as well but I’ll save that for another time. I want to have if that makes a big difference. I do things they probably added that for particular reason.

The other thing as you may have noticed this, in the bottom right corner down here, any point when we’re searching through is two more call to actions so there’s a button here straight away for us to contact them, if we click that. That’s actually straight through to a big form for it to kind of fits a huge form but for the form to fit us in so this leads here.

The last, this is the last thing I just want to touch on and what this really nicely is it’s proven that not everyone— when you’ve got something as large like this, this can really be [00:07:56] it stops people wanting to fill in. That could stop people from wanting to do it. But it’s been proving that just having social media accounts where you can click on that straight away and it just auto filling in all the details makes it far more likely for you to actually want to try this service out.

Again, if you’ve got the software, you’ve got anything while you need to grab that detail from them so you can add them to your database. It’s definitely worth looking using some form of social account log-ins. It’s quite easy to set up and that can definitely drive a number of people that getting that filling in that details with you.

Really nice and simple way and you can see here, that the face that they brighten this, it’s highlight this certain colour with really big logo showed drawn attention to them. This is clearly what they prefer uses to be do. You can fill in this if you wish but it’s quite long, it’s can be quite of putting the facts that you can just hit Google and Facebook and not have to fill it in with all of these product information shows that really that really want to push down particularly along.

Yes, that’s it guys, and do leave any comments and I will read all of them and also if you want your site to be reviewed you can also do that as well. There’s also a link that appears in the thing for this that potentially you can submit your site too. It’s one the Strafe Creative website, so do have it looked guys and any other queries, let us know. Thanks.

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