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How I got sales leads from following people on twitter

  • Growth Hack Idea: Follow 300 people on twitter, see if they read my bio and follow the link
  • KPI: Downloads of our playbook.
  • Target Audience: Marketing Managers

This blog is all about growth hacking twitter. I decided to try a simple idea. What would happen if I follow 300 people and try and push them to a download page from my twitter bio?

First I had to decide what I wanted to push, as a design agency we do lots of work with Marketing Managers, we try to make their life as easy as possible and we already have a PDF we call “the Playbook” designed. So I decided to try get some downloads of that.

Heres a shot of the front cover:

playbook example for twitter

The funnel

  1. Change bio and twitter link
  2. Send them to landing page to download playbook
  3. Get them to sign up to my email marketing to get playbook
  4. Follow up with them for thoughts on playbook
  5. Now market to them with email marketing

Side Note:

As a design agency I’m not looking for 1000’s of customers like SAAS companies are, 3 or 4 new jobs per month is amazing, so even if my growth hack only bring in 1 new customer per experiment that could be £5000 to me. So SAAS guys, this idea probably wont work for you, for service companies like my design agency, read ahead!

First step

So first step was changing my twitter bio to something targeted to them along with the link to my landing page, you can see the edit I did hear.

twitter growth hack 1

Total time to do this: 3 minutes

Heres a shot of my finished twitter before:

my twitter example

Landing page

As a web design agency I should probably have spent longer on this, but as all web designers know, we spend way to long on our own work; and as we don’t have clients telling us when they like it, it can be a never ending process. So I set my self a challenge of setting it up in 20 minutes, in hindsight the design is pants and will of really hurt my conversion rate, but more on that later.

Here’s my landing page with my benefits and mail-chimp sign up form.

landing page example of growth idea

Ok so we have the landing page done, we have the twitter bio changed, it was time to follow everyone on twitter.


Target audience

Firstly I needed to pick a target audience, the obvious choice was going after people who have marketing degrees or are doing marketing training.

The UK’s top accreditation for Marketing is with the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), as you can see from the screen shot they have the trusty blue tick (Winner!) and also have a heavy following, so everyone I followed was following them. (The idea being if they are following them then they should be in some way linked with marketing.)

CIM twitter


Since it was a small sample I decided to not automate this process, and instead follow everyone manually, took me about 30 minutes in total to do this section.

I didn’t want to follow anyone who hadn’t put a picture or a banner image in and I also wanted to make sure they had some mention of marketing in their bio. Below is a great example of someone I did follow and someone I passed on.

twitter example

I did this until I hit 300 people.

Total time to follow people: 30 minutes

Total time on growth hack: 55 minutes

Ok so what results did I get?



So from a followers point of view we ended up with 47 new followers (All in my target market) , you can see my new count here:

my twitter after experiment

I also ended up with 10 of those people messaging me.

I can also see from my analytics that in the space of 2 days I had 50 people visit that page, the only place I shared that link was my bio and one on my twitter stream just before I followed everyone, I was pretty pleased with 50 people.

From 300 that’s a 17% conversion from people I followed to people looking at my profile and clicking on the link, a screen shot of my analytics is below!

marketing manager analtics

So the big drumroll, how many people actually downloaded the playbook and joined my marketing list?!


2 people did, that’s it. Pretty rubbish right?



I feel I’ve learnt a lot from the experiment, firstly if I were to do this again I would give away an ebook with more worth and benefits, our playbook is more a sales tool to show how we can help marketing managers. Maybe a book on ‘Where your website is leaking revenue” (Something I am working on currently.) would have worked better.

As mentioned earlier in the post my overall landing page was terrible, and looking back, we’re a design agency selling to marketing managers, this page really needed to look good! Sadly I did it super quick and the results show it.

The plus side, I know what I need to do to improve this, so I’m going to run the test again with these changes and update this blog post at some point.

Give it a go and post your results in the comments section, always looking to learn!

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