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The Slight Edge : The Average mans book review

Let’s start the book review off with pretty much the main reason you have landed on this blog post:
Should you read this book? …… YES
Good Points:
• Easy to read
• The points that Jeff Olson gets across are excellent and easy to implement
• Potentially life changing
• I personally have pushed myself further in the month after reading this book, than I have in the past year.

Bad Points:
• It’s not terribly well written and can be slight repeatitive, although its helps to hammer home the points
• Too long
• Some people don’t seem to like the chatty way it reads


the slight edge book review


The big takeaway from the book:
The slight edge is all making the correct little decision every day, or doing a little something every day to improve yourself by 0.001% every day. With this little improvement everyday compounding up you then become a happier and wealthier version of yourself.
The things I’m now doing because of this book:
• Read 10 pages of a self help book every day
• Spend 10 minutes every day using my learn Italian app
• Get up earlier and start my day with a fresh breakfast
• Enjoying the little victories

That’s it for my review, quick and to the point.
Go buy it and become a better version of you today.


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