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Happy new year– Time to fail at your resolutions!

Hi guys,

It’s been way to long since I posted on here so I do apologise. But the start of 2014 has been a real eye opener for me. The first thing to ask everyone is; What was your news year’s resolution? Now it’s already the 24th of Jan. How many people have already failed at theirs? Was it to get healthy, go to the gym more, read a book a week, set up a new business? Most people won’t have done anything.

Past me would have been the same, yes I would of done a few of the important things but there was a world of goals I wanted to achieve last year and to be honest, I didn’t even attempt half of them.

But I learnt something over the Christmas holiday, and that is that if I have a strong enough “WHY” then all of a sudden, my goal becomes easy.

Like going on holiday, all of a sudden, you make time to hit the gym, you no longer put it off. Or if you have a presentation to do, you put it off until the “WHY” becomes “If I don’t do this I’m going to look like a fool in the presentation” and all of a sudden your presentation is done.

So instead of just setting a goal, I’ve learnt that this year I also need to book in a reason to do it.

EG: I want to learn Italian; I have said this for years. So to make sure I learn, I have booked a villa in a quiet, rural part of Italian, where I’m going to have to know Italian to get around! All of a sudden I have a “why” and I’ve learnt more this year already than I had learnt all of last year.

Next I wanted to start hitting the gym more, so I booked onto an obstacle course event. Guess what? Going to the gym is easy now asI don’t want to fail.

Try it today, add a “why” or a reason to your goal. Set a date and get cracking!

Let us know yours in the comments below.

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