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Business mistakes we can all learn from

A client has requested for all his vehicles to be wrapped for some promotions. I love doing this sort of work as it’s always nice to see our work out in the public eye.

To help our clients we always source the print quotes for them and this client was no different. It wasn’t until I started ringing around for quotes that I noticed these key mistakes in business.

Mistake 1 – Not getting my details

I rang up the first company, the woman straight away gave me an estimate as soon as I said “vehicle wrap” of £2000 per vehicle. I then asked if because it was a certain small car that this might change the price…. It didn’t. She then said “let me know if you’re happy with that.” And put the phone down!

Madness !? I’m offering her 8 vehicles, that could be £16,000 and she doesn’t know my name, my company or any way of contacting me. She can’t send me a proposal through with examples of work or even happy customer testimonials, as she has no details on me! If she had done that and I had decided not to buy, at least she would have had my details to continue to sell to me, instead she’ll get nothing.


Mistake 2 – Not sending a quote

I then rang a second sign maker to get a quote, they were much better, asked all the key questions and took my contact details but then I got no proposal sent through. I gave them a week and rang them back. “Sorry sir, we’ll get this right over”, I got nothing from them. If you’re too busy, just tell me as it makes me think less of your service if you promise to do something and then not deliver.


What I’ve learnt:

Lesson 1: When sending any quote always take their details and email them the price, even if it’s only £50, you have them in your marketing list that way.

Lesson 2: Always do what you say you’re going to do! If you promise something and don’t deliver, it’s just annoying.


By Ross Davies

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