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Why you should be personalising your marketing

Every single company you will ever work with, will at some time need to use one to one marketing or customer service.

Not many companies do this and its pure madness that more people don’t! Have something custom made to one client is a sure fire way to drive up your conversion rate, and better yet, it creates loyal customers.

With the power of CRM systems now, we have no excuse not to have data-driven marketing campaigns. These should be focused on each person so they feel special. Feeling special is a sure fire way to make people want to work with you.  Let’s take a real life example:

1.       ABC Video company sends me a leaflet which says, Hi there, we’re ABC company and we make video’s, check out our site for our portfolio.

This to me is basic, rubbish marketing, which in no way interests me. Now let’s take an amazing example I got through the post last week. (Which inspired this blog post)

2.      Hi Ross, we’d absolutely love to work with Strafe Creative on your video projects and we created a special show reel demonstrating how we can work with you on your projects. We’ve made sure to include lots of education work. As the video is nearly 8 minutes long we’ve also left you a voucher at XYZ coffee house which is just around the corner from you. Enjoy!

Guess what happened? We had the coffee’s, watched the video and have booked in a meeting.

Yes this is way more expensive, but with such a high conversion rate you only need to send out a small batch. So instead of spending £250 on print to 500 spend £250 on sending out to 40.

Remember that one to one marketing doesn’t have to take lots of time or resources, when done correctly it will make a huge difference in your business.

What can you quickly and easily do to improve your one to one marketing? Try this:

I regularly have meetings where I have to drive for 30 to 40 minutes to get to. But I don’t want to waste this time, before I leave I look through my list of clients who we haven’t worked with in a while, or never had the chance to work with for whatever reason. I make a list and take this with me. Whilst on my travels, I call them and have a chat about how they’re going, this shouldn’t be a sales call at all, it should be a call to show your taking interest in your clients business.

It’s a great way to show you care, build a relationship and most importantly, build loyalty.

Go try it now!


By Ross Davies

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