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You get what you pay for?

I’ve been on a few holidays in the past month or so and it’s really made me realise something.

You get what you pay for!

Holiday 1

One holiday with my girlfriend, we spent a fair amount of money for flights at decent times and a 5 star hotel and we went all inclusive. The end result? An incredibly relaxing holiday which on arrival at the airport we were picked up in a car, taken directly to the hotel, on arrival at the hotel we got served snacks and champagne whilst they signed us in and where taken to our room by golf cart. Whilst on the golf cart we were given a full historic tour of the hotel and when we arrived in the room, we already had another bottle of bubbly there, along with a platter of cold meats and cheeses. The entire holiday was amazing and well worth the money.

Holiday 2

Fast forward to last week, when I went on a “lads” holiday. We decided to drive instead or getting flights, which meant a drive of 8 hours. We had booked the cheapest rooms we could find, and on arrive we were met by a guy call David who instructed us, no staff would be on in the hotel and if there were any problems call him, but only between 11am and 4pm, otherwise it had to wait for the next day.

Entering our rooms we discovered we would be sleeping 5 people in each room in bunk beds and the entire floor shared communal bathrooms. After one night we discovered bed bugs in 1 person’s bed and were moved to another room. In the time we were there, our rooms were never cleaned, or beds made.

Lets now list the extra services I received on my first holiday

  • Good airport, local to me
  • Good time of flight
  • Quick, speedy service
  • Nice staff
  • Car from the Hotel
  • Food on arrival
  • Champagne on arrival
  • Great room with balcony, on suite, tv, free mini bar
  • Access to free water sports
  • All inclusive Food and drink
  • Free gym and massages

This leads me onto what service are you giving to your clients?

Or another question could be, what services can you add to increase the amount you charge?

Let’s take a painter/decorator as an example.

Painter 1

One painter says he will charge £150 to paint your wall, but you have to get the paint and all he will do is  turn up, paint and leave.

Painter 2

The second painter says he’ll charge £330 but he’ll come round for a consultation regarding colours, then get the paint for us. He’ll fill and sand any holes in the walls, he’ll cover the floors and mask everywhere before starting anything. He’ll move all the furniture for you and move it back once finished. He’ll clean the entire room once finished to ensure no paint splatters are anywhere and return once the job is dry to ensure your happy with the finish.

The second painter is more than double the price, but I know which one I would take, the second painter every time!

So what can you add to your service to make it more premium and start attracting those more expensive clients??

And remember, you always get what you pay for.

By Ross Davies

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