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Test Marketing – What brings in customers?

This blog post in itself is a bit of a test. I find when reading blog posts I just want the key details as quickly as possible. Just give me the gold nuggets with the digging basically.

So why am I currently writing such long blog posts. I presume, rightly or wrongly that this is what people will want to read, people are more likely to take me as an expert in my field if I write large blocks of text rather than short bullet pointed blogs?

This brings me back to my main point of testing, which is:

Just because I think it’s right doesn’t mean it is.

The best idea is to test something. Try it on a small percentage of people, or try it for a short amount of time and see what works, but how to do this?


  • Make sure everything you do is trackable, are you using tracking phone numbers? If not, why not? I use currently. (You should to)
  • Are you using Google analytics? How can you know what works if you don’t know what pages are being viewed?
  • Do you have a content management system like WordPress? CMS websites are great as you can create 2 of the same page and test them out of different people. This is called AB testing or spit testing.


Split testing example.

We worked with a photographer to get more vets to advertise his pet photography. We set up email marketing to funnel them to a web page. These web pages were split tested. One web page set up as a generic one which just spoke about pet photography, the other set up as a page dedicated for that vet. Guess which was more popular? Yep, the dedicated page.

Great lets fine tunes this.

Create multiple versions of dedicated pages.

  • One with more photography,
  • One with less,
  • One with a big offer,
  • One with a small offer but a sign up form,
  • One with a testimonial etc etc etc

Test, test and more testing and you’ll be on the road to success.


Ok here’s my test, how’s this shorter, snapper, bullet pointed blog post for all of you? I guess time will tell!


By Ross Davies

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