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Consistency – How it will effect your brand

Consistency is one of the most important components to any company, the basics are to ensure all your branding is consistent and that all your marketing material is the same and gives off a similar message. This should all go with saying, what’s the important part, and the section people struggle with is consistency across your service from beginning to end.

Let’s take an example, I recently visited a new dentist, as I unfortunately managed to chip my tooth recently, now with it being my front tooth I was looking for a top dentist, I was happy to pay a premium on the basis of getting the best service and product(in this case a new veneer on my tooth).

I arrived in an expensive part of Nottingham known as “The Park” on arrival was talked through everything by a lovely assistant who took me through to the waiting room, got me a water and showed me a list of magazines, all excellent so far, the waiting room was warm, well dressed and comfortable which is everything I would expect from a top dentist.

I was then taken through to the next room to be seen by the dentist and this is where the problem arrived. The room I was being treated in looked like it was from the 1980’s,  all plastic fittings had gone from a plush white to a tarnished yellow, the room had no windows so was instead filled with these horrible bright lights and the chair was old and was incredibly scuffed and worn. Basically all the money had been invested in the front part of the dentist office, with the main room where all the service happened being totally untouched. I would argue that this is a total waste of money as your just setting your company up for a big fall if you’re only investing money in small parts of your service or product. Needless to say I was less than happy, but I was already here and hoped for the best. (Side note, if a client is hoping for best, they don’t think much of you.)

To be honest at this point everything went fine until he asked me to rinse, normally there is always a small sink right next to the chair to spit into….. not here! I was informed this was broken and had to use the one in the corner, not only was this badly explained (“Oh yea, sorry it’s been broken for ages and keep forgetting to do anything about it, sinks just there which we normally get you to use.”) but this just reinstated the importance of consistency across your service. After leaving the 80’s room I was greeted back in the lovely waiting area to pay and be on my way, unfortunately I had already decided I wouldn’t be returning. If I had wanted this type of dentist I could have got this done for half the price of which I ended up paying.

Can you honestly say that from first contact to the time they leave the level, style and feel of your brand and service is consistent? I would think not.

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