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The good and the bad of sales techniques

The art of making a sale is not as straight forward as it looks. Choosing an effective sales technique will go a long way in complementing the efforts put by the sales team. There are many selling techniques out there, thus you need to carefully consider a technique that will work well with your product in the environment you are operating. A good sales technique should motivate and arouse interest in a sales prospect.

The Good of Sales Techniques
Qualifying prospects fast helps in saving time. I need to control my time and use it wisely to close more deals. Therefore my criterion describes how I deal with clients to save this necessary resource.

I like motivating my clients, at times I may find prospects who don’t know they need my products but I still end up selling to them or making them commit. The best thing about an effective technique is that you can reveal problems clients never thought they had which will require your products to solve.

I take selling as fun, love what you do and it will look easier and enjoyable. Clients like a salesperson who is cheerful and lively. In this field you will meet many people so hone your social skills and use them to convince prospects.

Asking open – ended questions is a good selling technique as it leads to the customers telling you more about themselves.

The Bad of Sales Techniques
I consider use of too much professional jargon as a bad idea for your sales, the client should easily understand what I am passing through, this will save me time which I would otherwise have spent in explaining myself.

Talking all the time without allowing clients to pass their views is also wrong. I like passing my message and then listen to what the client has to say. I always let my clients raise their concerns, this doesn’t only help me to clarify to the client but also helps me learn and improve on my next client.

Using the phrase”it’s cheaper here” is a no go zone for me, clients might think I am short of words, or the product has no selling points. Rather, I concentrate on my products strong points and try to show why it is a good buy compared to competitors.

Interrupting clients is detrimental, as it will hinder me from getting additional information about a client. I like building client portfolios using the information they provide, therefore interrupting them is a no for me.

Consider these and improve your sales approach. You may have the best product, excellent sales personnel but unless you have an effective sales technique you will never achieve your targets. Review your current technique and make improvements gradually.

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