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Creative Jam Session?

Being open about what your original ideas are and how exactly you’d like to see them manifested in the world is important to a designer. It should be noted as well that the raw creative act of making something out of nothing is captivating to all.

With this in mind, how about carving out an hour once a month, dedicated to an improvised creative project. Using intensely limited time restrictions can be a great way of training your instinctive creative focus, skilling yourself to create on the fly. In any project planning is essential, but without improvisation it is simply creative bureaucracy.

To me improvisation is a spontaneous invention, a spark, a eureka. It’s a flash mob of the mind where a mix of anything can happen in one moment. Musicians call this method of working a jam session, whether it is unplanned or rehearsed. So the question is, with everything I’ve just spoken of, why not a creative (designer) jam session?

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