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Trevor Baylis : Windup Legend

A few snaps of the great man

Last week I got the opportunity to meet the legend which is Trevor Baylis. For those of you who dont know who he is. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? Trevor was the man behind the wind up radio. He saw a television programme about the spread of AIDS in Africa and how they have no way of contaminating from village to village so he decided a radio would be the best option, he then set about developing the Wind Up Radio! amazing I think you’ll agree.   Now dont tell me your not impressed by this guy. Not only has he helped thousands of people but he also has an amazing tash! …hmmm tickle y…Now that there ladies and gentleman is a real man. Also found out he lives on his own island in the Thames. Own island? ok he is actually a king!

Anyway back onto more important matters. I suggest anyone who hasn’t heard of him before to look him up as he’s a massive inspiration and a quality guy. That is all children..dismissed!

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