Im a Fan : Dragons Den

Im all for a bit of Dragons Den! Don’t get me wrong, this isnt going to me bashing on about how its a bad thing! im quite the opposite! Dragons Den has breathed new life into the design sector I feel, now people have an idea and think “yea I can make some money from this, if I get a dragon backing me” and to me that seems like a brilliant thing. If we can get Britain back to the top through a TV program then all i can say is hell yea!!

The only problem I see is people go on Dragons Den with just an idea, no drawings, no idea of finacial works or any clue of anything to be perfectly honest. Unfortunatly these people dont normally get backing ( which is bad news for my idea of Bristish design!!) But dont worry guys as it does make for some AMAZING tv! sweeeet

If I could of designed anything it would probably of beenBernards watch! that thing kicked ass!

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