Movember..damn I forgot!

Its drawing to the end of November and I forgot to grow a moustache for charity. (Known as Movember!) But its great to see people walk around with a tash not only becasue you know there doing something good for charity but also becasue real men have a tash!  Now on a quest to be as manly as possible I feel everything in my hosue should have a tash on it. Here comes the perminant market brand new kitchen! ……But more importantly my dog is in need of a tash, but fear not as now your dog can be as manly as mine is (when the delivery arrives I mean) have a look at this!


Now don’t tell me your not impressed by this. Because if your not, your clearly not a real man, whats that I hear!? fine!…… Im setting Mr T and his snickers after you!!…..

Ps, Special note should go out to Gary Neville for the stupid tash he has grown for Movember…..oooo no wait……

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