Trail Cat!

On new trail Cat

ok so i got the chance to have a cruise around on a bike whilst in Nottingham the other day. Which is all very normal until i point out its on this all new bike call the TrailCat!(check out pic..saucy) now thats a name for a bike…even had little paws prints on it! now once i was over the fact I looked rather stupid on this thing (and yes when on it everyone looked at me) it was infact brilliant to drive about on and fast enough for me to escape up the hill on and away!

muahaha dave will never no it was me!

anyways…..The bike, which is rear-wheel drive, has a steel chassis, an ergonomically curved aluminium bucket seat, air-filled shock absorbers and hydraulic disc brakes. What i was truly impressed by was it also has a purpose-built differential meaning the wheels are not connected together on a common axle, not only allowing people to turn at different speeds and making it easier to go around corners without the bike skidding or dragging but also the fact that this was made in 1 year by a final year at Nottingham Trent Univeristy, it clearly shows the guy proabably didnt go out much! (sorry dave)

Anywhos… I need one! when driving around on it everyone was looking…there for im cool..and therefore…i know your thinking it…..thats right i was cooler than the bikers in grease!!!..maybe…

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