Product design

Joo Joo: Form over Function?

Ok the Joo Joo web tablet is finally taking pre order. woopey!? hold your horses people (does everyone own a horse, I hope so!) we dont know if its any good!

The question is ” Is it actually any use?” from what I’ve seen so far it seems  revalitivly pointless. It seems like one of thoses many items that has been over engineered and slightly pointless. But people will love it because of its form and its flashy ways. Which I have to admit does annoy me slightly, I remember when I was at univeristy still and people made very pretty items that were totally useless and still got high marks!? Madness I felt, who cares if you can make a bottle of whatever into a light. Its a rubbish idea! (I know what your thinking, dont worry I still did better!)

phew….rant over! (I will try to compress my anger back a little…just a little though.) Anyway, back to the Joo Joo web tablet. Have a look at the video and decide for yourself. But also remember to note how crap the touch screen is because the guy cant use it properly…hahahhaa tubby hands

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